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Jun 2, 2013
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I'm quite new here so sorry if this is the wrong forum and apologies for the length...

It's national health and well being week which is being celebrated in my day job with visits for various local businesses relating to health and beauty. One of which being the local college who are offering nails and eye lashes. I'm recently trained in gelish so was keen to have a peek at their set up. I hadn't had lashes before and having plans this weekend I booked myself in, there was faffing, huffing, puffing and 20 min later I was apparently finished. With not much explanation as to what had been done or how to look after them. I had assumed being a college this was probably a way of getting access to models but there was no tutor there to review the work before I left and by the time I was back at my desk 3 had fallen back out. I removed my makeup off so carefully at the recommendation of a friend but as of now there is 2 left 😞 and my eye is kinda sore.

I didn't have my nails done but when booking my lashes I was shocked to see no form of obvious cleansing between clients, no prep work and curing CND, one in a standard UV lamp but one with a sensationail LED from a home kit. (As I say I'm a gelish girl but my nightly geeky homework tells me this is wrong, yes?)

In all this seemed a bit unprofessional and well risky my day job is in an insurance company so they're usually pretty fussy about health and safety and insurance matters so this seems odd to me. I paid £10 for the service (originally advertised at £5) as they were "fundraising" if this was for charity I wouldn't dream of asking for this back but when asked it appeared to be for a class jolly to France. I don't want to put the company off doing this kind of event again as the other stalls were fab and raising the H&S flag could stop this in future for valid hard working businesses. My question is should I say something if so to who, work (my day job 😰), the college? If they were using incomplete systems and lamps would they be insured? Should I ask for a refund if this was fundraising?

Any advice from anyone about what to do with my two left lashes and sore eye also appreciated.

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