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Oct 13, 2009
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I know this has been covered before as I'm sure I've read it but can't for the life of me find anything in search.

Google are always sending me monitory incentives to use their Adwords, most resent spend £50 and get £150 FOC towards it.

Has anyone done this and has it bought you in any extra enquiries / bookings?

Thanks in advance geeks!

Pay per click advertising can be very expensive.

Expensive in terms of the money spent on the adverts.

Expensive in terms of the time involved in setting up, creating, managing and evaluating campaigns.

But they can be made to work, and when they do, they are very good.

Some years ago I was landed with responsibility for the adwords spend of a relatively large organization.

The best thing I did was to engage an adwords consultant to manage our campaigns. It was one of those incredibly rare times when the cost was recovered almost immediately. Our ad spend dropped and our conversion rate went up.

I'm more experienced now, and I manage my own campaigns when I do them. But if you are new to it, I would recommend shopping for someone to guide you through the maze. That's what worked for me.


If you ring up ad words and have half an hour to spare then they will go through your business, set up & manage your ad words for you for free.
Oh really, thank you - have you done this, does it work?
Oh really, thank you - have you done this, does it work?
people click on whilst bored at work and just browsing around not buying, so costs you a lot of money when only a few clickers are genuine buyers. Google give you incentives probably hoping as well that you forget to switch off you campaign if it doesn't work, then they carry on getting paid and you lose out. Be very vigilant if you do it, check your budget and price per click and see what times of day work best, don't just leave it to run.
I disagree. A well managed PPC campaign can reap good rewards. You have to think about what time of day are most potential buyers going to be looking. If you target it around your area (not sure what you do) for example "beauty therapist *your location*" your cost per click should be fairly low.

Your working in a small isolated keyword I can't see why it wouldn't help provided you have a set budget and good website. Also you can set it to just use the £50 deposit + free credit. Don't let others make you think otherwise. As long as you don't assign a direct debit all should be well. It's fairly easy to do.

It doesn't work for us because the terms such as "banner printing" are massively competitive. We can easily spend over £50+ per day and we don't charge enough to warrant it ;)

I'd say have a think and decide for yourself. Different people get different results. I would say though for £50? It's probably not bad to give it a go if you can spare it. £50 for any sort of advertising is cheap. I've chucked £100 adverts in a few magazines etc before and got nothing but you don't know until you try.
Very good advice, i have just launched a google adwords campaign. this is my fifth one and i love them! yes you do pay but call them up and ask for help, also ask for a deal!!! i got $150 of free advertising for spending $50 on this campaign. it's a new deal going on
how did your ad end up working?
I used to run one a large marketing agency in London - primarily doing PPC for clients.

It's a fantastic advertising medium when set up and managed correctly as you are recruiting qualified customers that are looking for your services.

Now I run a salon too and 70% of our customers come from out Adwords campaign and cost me about £2-3 per new client.

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