GR8 Gear Airbrush Nail Bar


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Jan 6, 2006
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Planet Zog!!!!!
I've seen the advert for this on t.v they're really trying to push it.
It's nuts what is the world coming to?:rolleyes:
i think its a bit sweet my little girl loves trying to copy her mum ive bought her lots of nail bits for xmas she came downstairs on tues night covered in nail varnish i was just about to go into a rant about it being all over her when she said i just wanted to be like you! heart melted and how could i stay angry after that!!!!

I bought one of these for my little girl last Christmas. She loves all things to do with nails and beauty so I thought she would love this.

Oh dear! It was a bit of a disaster though. The airbrush part is like a pen holder and you put the felt tip in and it blows are through it so it spatters everywhere.
You have all these little stick on nails that you put on a holder and then you put the stencils on and use the "airbrush" to colour in the stencils.

You end up with more of a spattered design and then when I put the top coat on it ended up smudged and the design ran everywhere.
(I am competent at using my own airbrush and know how to put on top coat so that the design doesnt run. It didnt matter what I did it still ran!!!!)

She stuck them on though and they lasted all of 1o minutes as they have those little stickers on the back!

My daughter was really upset and it has been in the bottom of the cupboard ever since. I think she used the little rhinestones and the nail art bits but it really isnt like you see on the telly from my own personal experience.

It really is a toy and I think the adverts are slightly misleading.

i got this toy for my daughter last year...complete waste of money....for all the reasons mentioned above.

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