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Jan 20, 2016
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Hi Hirls,

First time posting.

I've noticed two bottles of my spray tan solution has gone green!!!!
Is there anything I can do to fix it or bring it back to its brown colour??
I've searched both on myself and they apply green but develop brown. So they're still good in that sense, but I don't want to spray someone with green solution

TIA xx
That's annoying [emoji20] have they been open long? The instant colour guide unfortunately does go 'off' over time when exposed to the air and will turn green. As you said though, it will not affect the final tan colour, but obviously doesn't look good spraying somebody green!
There's nothing you can do to get it back to brown again.
I personally would not use that solution on paying clients and maybe just keep it to use on yourself and perhaps close friends/family?
I use Sienna X solution and I was advised by them to keep my solution in the fridge to stop the solution from oxidising so quickly once opened. You could start storing your good solutions in the fridge? As for your green solution, it's extra expense, but you should probably replace it to use on clients. X
Once the solution has gone green it is classed as gone off (usually 12 months unopened & 6 months from opening), even though people will still get a tan from using the product over time there will be a difference in the tan outcome because the DHA will get lower than the percent the bottle it says it is.
It's all about the ingredients & their 'half life'.

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