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Feb 1, 2011
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Arrrgh!! just moved to a new area, did my research and set my new prices in line with those, ordered my new leaflets etc.... only to come home tonight to find a leaflet through the door for a mobile beauty that is charging approx £10 less than me on all her treatments!!!!

I had a look on her Facebook page and shes got about 200 followers and lots of pics and customer comments :cry:

Feel so gutted now. I cant reduce my prices any more and I have got my new leaflets coming.
Aww can understand your frustration! Why not book in with her, may put your mind at ease knowing why they are so cheap! If they cant earn the same as local competition you have to wonder why!

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Have faith in yourself ;). If you know and believe you are worth what you are charging you will be fine. I charge more than most around here and have no problem attracting new clients and keeping existing ones.
While price is a consideration, it is not the only one. In fact, too cheap and it puts a lot of people off. Yes, some people are after a bargain/cheapest treatment available, but not all. Good luck and stay positive.
I would really try not to worry. Every industry/product has competition, but there are a lot of customers out there!

Think of hairdressers, in my high street there must be at least 8. They all seem to be doing well! My high street also has all of the main coffee chains, as well as lots of small independent ones - and they're still being opened!

Think of breakfast cereals, no company thinks, Oh there are too many cereals, I won't launch a new one.

People chose things for many different reasons, rarely is price the number one consideration.

Location, branding, niche, personality, quality, hours available, days open etc are all factors that often come before price.

Finally, she can only do x-amount of customers per day/per week. There are many women in your area who are potential customers!

Just focus on being fabulous, and don't worry too much about what else is happening.
ah thanks for your nice comments, thats made me feel a bit better!

I read a book recently that said price is irrelevant its the value your customers put on your service - if they value you then cost becomes irrelevant as they want your treatments, your service - your business!!

Im just starting with tanning mobile and hopefully soon a home salon/tanning room - my spray tans are not the cheapest in the area but I can do offers etc but still earn some dollar!

Good luck :)

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