Hair Botox


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My client won the voucher for hair botox .
But she has wavy hair also every 6month she is having perm to make more curlyer .
I am not sure about hair botox , is that similar like a keratin?
As keratin treatment make hair is more sleek I don't think perm work on her hair after botox.
Any opnion?please


Hair Botox from my understanding is technically a deep conditioning treatment, rather than a harsh chemical process like a keratin. Just like Botox injections are meant to reduces wrinkles and make you appear younger, hair Botox makes the hair appear young again by adding shine, reducing frizz and smoothing the ends.

The ingredients would vary based on which brand of product is being used, so I guess, just like any products, it is possible that it is not suitable for your client.

I think my main concern would be whether or not the treatment would be too heavy on the hair and not allow the client to have the style they want. I can’t imagine they are particularly lightweight, however, I could be wrong.

I couldn’t work out if you meant you would be carrying out the service or If the client won a voucher for elsewhere. If you are doing it perhaps you could offer an alternative? One you sure is suitable. If you are not the one doing it then surely whoever is should be carrying out a consultation that would identify whether or not it is suitable.


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Thank you James28, Yes client has VOUCHER free service with somewhere else. But she decide not having the service as I told her I can't say any opinion as I don't know that brand or products. As you said purely deep treatment it could be good for her but my personal opinion anywhere giving away free service I wouldn't think good brand, however.

So at end she had perm service again and very happy . I always give her redken shot phase treatment after.

Again, Thank you for your advice.