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Sep 20, 2015
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South Dakota
Soo I have been cutting a client's hair for the last two years or so and she will only go to me. Every time she sits in my chair she will always have some sort of complaint. Many times she will say "don't you think this side looks longer". I will always cross check again one more time for her to reassure her its not. I always make it a point to cross check with her facing the mirror as well so she knows I am measuring to make sure they are both even but she still comments. Last time she sat in my chair she did this and then when it was check-out time she smugly asked if we went up on our prices when I gave her the total. I am always professional and nice and so I told her we went up $1 in price a year ago. What do I do to avoid her negativity? How can I tell her and show her the cut is perfect without her questioning?? Any advice is helpful..
I think some clients enjoy making you feel uncomfortable and like having an air of superiority. Just be confident and professional as you have been doing and don't let her intimidate you. Try and book other client straight after so you have no time for chit chat and she can see you are busy, she will be less likely to play up in front of others!
unfortunately there are people out there who won't be happy whatever you do. I bet she tells everyone she meets how fantastic you are, she seems to know it all and that fact that she is revisiting you means you are doing a good job. She is knocking your confidence with her snide remarks and perhaps she is unaware that she is doing it. In some ways clients like these are good for us as they keep us on our toes and allow no room for complacency or slap-dash to creep in. Take her comments with a pinch of salt. Accept that she will always have something to question and let her get on with it. Do your best, smile and be professional. You no doubt have 10 great clients for every one of those
I agree with the above help you've already received but as an ademdum I would tell her there's been a slight increase in price but that you're keeping her at the old rate! May make her feel special and get her off your case.
I have a client just like her! She only ever comes to me, says she loves it then will always find something to moan about. But I just put her in her place proving there is nothing wrong with it and she will say ok I'll see you in 6 weeks! I don't get it but do not let it get you down! You will always get one x
She keep coming back to you coz you do a great job on her hair and she couldn't be more happier about your job . Don't be suprised somebody come in and say she advised her to come to you and give you lots of complement someday. One way can let her be more setisfide - bring a back mirror and show her every single part of her hair and explain to her about the result and make sure it's fabulous WITH HER . About the price I agree with Newtoitall . She just want some more .
One more little thing. People who behave this way often lack confidence. It may be a way of asserting her own self importance. Remember it's not about you at all.

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