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Aug 19, 2011
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Warrington, cheshire
Hi everyone,

I'm popping over from beauty. I've just had a lady come into the salon I work in from a company called hair dazzle telling me about the new hair service and she put a few into my hair to show me how they are done.

Has anybody else heard of hair dazzle and if so what are your thoughts on them. She told me that they are featured in the latest copy of cosmopolitan and they were also on the only way is Essex!

Anybody got any thoughts on it??
Yeah I've ordered of there before but have found other places a couple of pounds cheaper, x
What are they ??? Is it the diamontes in hair put it by straighteners if so yeah they have been out ages I have been doing them years
They look nice I also prefer the proper diamond ones which are bigger with individual gems, I think they are the ones you straighten in :)
Whats the name of the other ones? We were interested but thought they were quite expensive!
They had them in my local pound shop!!! Needless to say I bought loads!!! This was before Xmas tho! X
Haha fair play!! There you go girls - pound world it is!

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