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sexy chick

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Aug 19, 2010
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chorley, lancashire
I've got a client who had a fullhead of prebonded fitted about 4 weeks ago shes been on hoilday the hair is in fab condition but she says the hairs gone yellow any advice on how to fix this or is the best way to replace sum of the hair she said she's kept away from water and wore a hat any advice would be appreciated x
It depends really I wouldn't recommend dying or anything id advice replacing them or replacing enough to blend the colours together...

Hope this helps x
Could you not advise to just use a purple shampoo?, I do on my extensions all the time and there absoloutley fine! X
I've seen the client now it's more peachy then yellow think it's heat as the tops fine where she's had a hat on it's just past her neck down going to replace sum and tone with colour touch the rest I think thanks for ur help x
Tomato ketchup helped mine!!!
Really tomato sauce it's a really peachy colour would that work x

Only if it was swimmers green from the pool...the red neutralizes the green...but dont think it would work on peach!!!.. xx...

Would green ash work on peach as i suppose its orange..please correct me if im wrong..xx
The opposite to peach on a colour wheel is a bit of a powdery blue.... don't know if that will be helpful in any way though :biggrin:

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