Hair extensions in Kent and East Sussex


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Oct 21, 2011
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Northiam East sussex
Good morning ladies.

Mandy has asked me to put up a post on here as we do not really do hair we are after some advice for one of our clients.

She has been having hair extensions done and has not been very happy with the last lot, this lady had a set put in which cost her £400 and when she got home found i bald spot on the back of her head, when she queried it she was told that her hair was to short for it really, even though she has had it done many times before and has been fine, she was the told to come back and they would charge her a further £100 to put it right, so she is not overly happy.

So I wonder if any of you ladies or gents do hair extension in the kent or east Sussex areas.

Kind Regards

John and Mandy
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Now come on I know we don't read this side of the forum but I know there must be someone in the area, I hate to see a client of ours unhappy

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Hi Decadence,

We will pm you to see if we are able to assist :)

Kind Regards

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