hair extensions matted before the bond


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Mar 28, 2010
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Hi please can any of you hair geeks help me. i had my hair extensions 3/4 head done 8weeks ago and on reccommendeation of the extensionist i had a rotation after 6 weeks which i did. the 1st time i had my hair done it was perfect i had no problems at all and almost felt that i didnt need my rotation at all but due to the advice i made sure that i kept my appointment, this appt was almost 2weeks ago and last nite i notice some not all of the bonds seem to have matted hair around them and is making them quite uncomfortable, i dont understand as i have done nothing different. Can anybody tell me why this would be? i have used the shampoo that she reccommended claryfying shampoo and tigi bed head self absorbed conditioner.
Thanks guys x
i cant sperak for any other make but i am trained in Racoon Hair Extensions .
Matting of the hair around the bonds could be happening because of a few different reasons -

*the wrong products are being used or not rinsing hair thouroughly causing bonds to break down/ matt

*you not performing your maintence at home (seperation of the bonds from each other and seperation of the strands of free hair from around the bond)

*when you had your mantence at the salon could they have put the extensions in upside down (not cuticle correct ) unbeliveable i know but i have seen this happen !!

*having caught the bond in straightning irons ? ( causing the bond to weaken and release some of the hair from it )

I would go back to your stylist and ask her opininon .
Like i said it does depend on what hair you have , years ago when i used to have Racoon in mine we had a funny batch of hair from them and my hair just kept matting no matter what i done to it ! Might be the same in your case if your mantence/rotation was done adding some new hair ??

Hope i have helped a little and you get it sorted :) xx
Hi princess, thank you for replying, yes you have helped me loads! i didnt know there was after care such as separating etc i just knew about the shampoo and conditioner and i also take sea kelp tablets 400mg to strengthen my hair, i also have a tangle teaser brush so as not to get the comb stuck in my hair. a geek on here has done my friends extensions and is over the moon with them so i am going to get her to have a look at mine. i will update you as and when via pm and keep you updated ;) x
yea great , will be good to see what the other lady suggests :)

Ask her about seperation of the bonds (home maintence) will be easier to explain what to do face to face lol xx

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