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Apr 20, 2010
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farnborough, uk
I have a client naturally base 6, She has coloured it herself a few times and is now about a 5.
She wants to be L'oreal 4.15 all over, but with subtle caramel pieces, I think like cheryl coles, So you hardly notice them, but it breaks her hair up nicely, and looks quite natural
I did a test piece with bleach and 20vol, midlengths and ends lifted to a very warm almost orangy 7, and roots to a 10.

So in your opinion hair geeks, what would you use to get the best result??
Thanks in advance..
Did the client change colour of box dye prior to coming to you?
will you be using majirel?

i use colourgraphics and just mix in the colour pigment to lift colour. Works well on pre coloured hair. But there are tons of great bleach products to use!

i know you can achieve this look with majiirel mix rather than bleach, as 20vol wont take on base 5 (especially box dyed hair), you may need a bit longer on mid lenght and ends, ...How long did you keep it on for? xoxo
she hasnt coloured it for a while, so I wouldnt say she had changed it no.
I love love love colour graphics, but unfortunately cant get hold of it.
Oh really? well I can use majirel.. Does it lift and deposit at the same time?
I kept the bleach on for 50minute on the test that I did.
Thanks for the reply wonderwoman!
no worrys call up your rep or look on matrix website they can come to you, i prefer using colourgraphics than bleach purly as it can be unpredictable on a base that has been regularly changed. Thats why her roots where a base 10 rather than a 7. I would have kept it longer on the mid length and ends, did you add any heat or warm water? May speed it up, but i wouldnt risk it if its looking to warm!
Majirel is a permanant colour that will lift and deposit, i would recommend usin a 20vol, also i would neutalise those orange undertones if you use the maji mix. Plus i think it will be quicker if you cant get any colourgraphics! xoxo
Yeah i agree, colourgraphics is amazing!
No i didnt add any heat to it, just so I could see what it would do.
Does Majirel lift quite well then? ive never used it, would I get a nice level 7 out of it?
Thanks again

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