hair magazine and hair ideas mag needed urgent!!!


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Oct 29, 2007
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hey girls and guys i really need someones help here!!! iv posted in a couple of forums im that desperate!!
im having my hair done on thursday afternoon early evening as i have works xmas do that night im going for a complete restyle and new colour as im really bad and only have a haircut twice a year which is why this is such a big deal for me!!!

i bought both hair magazine and hair ideas magazine
sat for hours picking out styles and colours i liked narrowing it down and then cutting them out and stapling them together only to find today they have miraculously disappeared (my partner is cross im going to have my hair cut may have something to do with it!)

and im desperate for the pictures of the styles i liked as being a nail geek i cant explain a cut and colour quite as well as a picture if anyone can get copies of these mags to me or just the pictures for thurs i would be forever grateful will all be at my cost of course and il even send them back!
if you can help please pm me im desperate they are the nov 07 copies!!!

thanks in advance kelly :)

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