Hair styling advice


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Hi, so I just got a hair cut hoping to move towards this look:
I think I got the proper cut, but I'm just not aware of how to transform my hair into that. Does anyone have any advice on how to achieve that hair look? I'm starting to think maybe the cut does need to be different..not sure


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Your username is very apt for today. :)

Fir the style you want, you will need to use the right products for your hair type and learn how to blow dry with a round brush to achieve that look. See how much volume he has on the top of his head? Yours is sitting quite flat on top.
When you got it cut, did the hairdresser style it so that it looked similar to your target picture?
I can’t tell from your photo but I’m not sure that the cut you have will work for that style.
You need to find a hairdresser/barber that can cut it well, advise you on suitable products and teach you how to style it.