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Apr 18, 2003
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Hi :)

As you know i started in a salon this week and i have done a full set on one of the apprentice hairdressers, she is a first year so her hands are constantly in the basins all day washing hair , rinsing out colours and also cleaning colour pots.

Its been 4 days since i have done them and she is having lifting problems on a few nails and also a bit of chipping around the sides.

The others dont seem to have this, although thier hands are not in the basins as much as this girls.

Is there something i can do to prevent this? have i done around her cuticle area too thin? should i perhaps make it a little thicker around the cuticle and side wall areas?

She did say that she has had them on before and was getting weekly infils because of lifting and chipping, i am going to buff them on monday but im just wondering would making it a little thicker help? i dont really like to do very thick around the cuticle and sidewall area but im not sure if i can see any other solution, i really havent had much experience with hairdressers and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I dont want the owner of the salon to think im a dill :oops: i have her infills coming up in a week and she doesnt have one bit of lifting, ( I didnt do hers previously she had them done somewhere else, but she says she never has a problem with lifting ) although her nails are a bit on the thick side, much thicker than i would do them.

Kerrie :)
Constant immersion in water CAN cause lifting if the client doesn't regularly replace the lost moisture with the regular use of SolarOil. The product will tend to get brittle otherwise and start to crack or chip as you describe.

Product which is thicker tends to dry out less quickly, but why not encourage the client to use a little SolarOil after each client?? Or SolarSilk hand and body lotion? She should be regularly doing this for the sake of her skin as well!!
Thank you geeg :)

I already suggested to her this morning that she just comes to my table and uses a small amount of cuticle oil every morning, but will now suggest that she keep some by the basin and use it after each client.

I wil try and get her into this habit from monday.

again thank you geeg, dont know what we would all do without you :D

Kerrie :)
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