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Aug 4, 2015
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United Kingdom
I am due to do a set of nano rings next week, I have done one full head already and two refits of this same client. My new client (who is also a hair extension technician) only wants 50 strands. I ordered from transform as I usually would, but ordered 60 as they only do orders of 20. She only wants them for a bit of thickness.

I was thinking, same placement but a little more spacing? Can anyone advise further?

Thanks x
That's correct, same placement but more spacing, I would save one packet for the front and apply the rest in the back.
I always apply the sides first on half head fits x
So I know what I have left for the back and then place them where I think there needed without worrying about having enough left for the sides plus I find people who want thickness have very fine hair around the front so I apply them there first and match the placement round the back so start the back from the around the occipital bone .. Sorry my explanation isn't great there is a method in my madness honest :)

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