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Jan 16, 2004
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i was wondering if any one could tell me , on my daughters nails on each nail the half moon is half way up the nail and square i have never come across this before she has in the past had medication for an over active thyriod if any one has any idea what this is caused with she is 24
from lynda
The lunula is simply a reflection of the visible portion of the nail matrix.
If it is halfway down the 'nail bed' then it simply means that her bed is short and her proximal fold (eponychium) is pretty far back, thus exposing quite a bit of the matrix.

I wouldnt worry about it being square... interestingly enough... I am going to be psycic and say she has a pretty square free edge line as well.

Take care when manicuring as the lunula will be 'softer' than the rest of the plate as it is inly partially formed nail plate cells. The closer to the eponychium you get, the softer the plate will feel as the less the plate will be formed.

Beachneck has really freaking massive lunulas on his thumb. I tease him that it looks like he had a thumb/big toe transplant.

Hope this helps.
thank you for your reply, yes she does have a square free edge too she has pretty good strong nails

cheers from lynda
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