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Jul 16, 2011
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United Kingdom

My sister has asked if I can paint half moons on her nails. I would usually paint the whole nail in 1 colour then use half a circle sticker over the base of the nail and then paint a contrasting colour over the top so the first colour shows as the half moon but she doesn't want a colour on - just plain clear nails but with a white half moon...

How can this be done? Ay ideas?

Tia x
I would paint the half moon outline with a fine nail art brush then fill it in x
Great, ill give it a whirl. X
If you find that the freehand moons are hard to do. You can get some Address labels (for printing at home)or some wide masking tape.. Use a coin or anything that fits in size, draw circle on tape/label, fold in half to cut (for a perfect shape) Use the leftover "hole" (not the circle part) place on nail and fill in the moon without any free hand. You might have to freehand the corners though.
I use a dotting tool.
Lovely thank you xx
I use ring reinforcers :) for the punched paper they work a treat xx
I have a client on friday who wants red shellac nails with white half moons, how's best to do this?

Would it damage the first colour if i stuck the punch hole reinforcers over the it after curing or should i top coat and cure before using stickers?

I was thinking:
Base and cure
Cream puff and cure
Apply stickers
Red and cure (probably x2)
Remover stickers
Top coat....

Is this right? If not what should i change?

Thanks in advance :)

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I agree with the order the only difference I would do would be remove inhibition layer from the white before applying guide (less sticky) and floating second coat of red after removing guide to soften edge (Personal preference)
I have also carved half moons with dotting tool and removed excess with flat brush with ipa on but this may leave residue on white.

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