Halloween Nail Art


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Mar 3, 2003
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Hi All,
just thought I would drop you a line, I have just done some new Haloween nail art and thought you might like to take a look


:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Now thats what I call spooky nails............. love the glitter ones best...the one with the glitter spider web on the thumb.....lisa.2jpeg.
thats so cool

makes mewant to get out my broom stick an fly for a while or take up quiddich............... lol harry potter rocks lol

love #Ruth xxxx

just had a look they are lovely well done

where did you get the airbrush stencils from if you don't mind me asking ? :D

keep up the good work
H Vic,
they are from Melle at http://www.allthingsnail.co.u
They are really great, can`t wait to see your grimbo stuff
i went on your site and your nails are amazing you really are brill .
..i really must get my airbrush out and get some practise in...... i live the witches..i find it difficult to hand paint witches
Wow! Vanessa they are great, love those sparkle nails :salute:
those are really great but must agree the glitter ones are my favourite
Vanessa, they look great. I particularly liked the first pic and also the spider web ones.
Funny how we girls seem to love all things sparkly! ( Diamonds seemed to spring to mind then lol)

They all looked fab Vanessa, I really must get myself an airbrush! Think Ill make a start on the major hinting for christmas!

Sue x
WOW!!! You are very creative. Rock on!
sawasdee kha

i look your nail and very beautifull i like too much can you tell me please this you make from plastic stensil or have mask .

You make airbrush very good .

Kopkhun ka mui
Hi, what is the glitter? Is it in the top coat? You are so good!! I am just getting started in the A/B. I love it! But, I was all proud of my one stencil on each finger, ha,ha!! How do you do that fade with the colors without the line? THanks so much. Traci
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