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Sep 20, 2007
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I bought a kit from Ellisons a few years ago doing Hand Facials, and it came with instructions.
I really liked doing them,
it consisted of a hand soak, an exfoliator, a fine filler exfoliator, a mask and a massage cream, also some gloves.

But the past 2 catalogues, hasn't been in. Does anyone know of a range that is similar?
This sounds really interesting, did you get many clients for this?
Were the gloves for clients to take away? How much did you charge? Sorry for hijacking your thread, lol
Creative's SpaManicure does all of this ... oh and the smells are lush!
I didnt actually do them on clients, but I do a lot of health promotion days and also 2 hour short courses and would do them then.
I would wrap the hands up in cling film and then put mitts on rather than use the gloves, but it would be a good feature if you were going todo it clients, give them the gloves to take home.

the spa creations, is that from Ellisons?
ONS has the Scent of Nature products which are really very nice!
I have some skin problems (very dry skin, allergic reactions to almost any fabric even water) but can use this product line without any reaction at all. Instead, it even smoothens my skin and makes it feel much softer.

Odyssey supplies the products for salons but also in small trial kits which are great to sell to your customer.


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