Hand Massages at baby shower. What to charge?


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Oct 30, 2006
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I have just had a call from a lady who is hosting a baby shower for her friend next month.
She wants me to come and provide each guest with a relaxing hand massage as she feels that there wouldn't be enough time to do anything else.

She wants me to get to her in time for a 7.30pm start.
Thing is that I have no idea what I should be charging!
How much do you suggest I charge Per Person?
maybe 5-7 pounds each with the lady who's shower it is free?

obviously it depends on how long the massage is, and how many people will be at the party?

maybe you could have say 5 pounds a person if there is x amount there and 7 pounds if x amount are there?

Just an idea!!!

Good idea though by the planner!!


Becki xxx
How about you agree how long you'll be there fore and charge say £50 for the evening? That way you're guaranteed to make some money. Otherwise, you could charge £6 pp and then only two of them want it done.

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