Happy 2nd Birthday CND Shellac! How has it changed your life?


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Jan 31, 2007
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Liskeard, Cornwall UK
It's hard to believe that two years ago today many of us were at The Event II so excited about the brand new global launch of the latest innovation from CND: Shellac!

I don't know about you but it has changed my life completely and forever.

My nails; happy to be short, they are always pretty

My Salon; new clients every week wanting Shellac

My Career; Shellac is a huge part of CND Education and I am so proud to be part of it :Love:

how has it changed you lovely Geeks? xx
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Well it has certainly changed my nail life!

I have, for the first time in 25 years, my own natural nails! Never thought THAT would ever happen!

Certainly has changed the entire demographic in our salon and added dozens of new clients we never/ or rarely saw before ... The natural nail brigade! I would say Shellac has been responsible for totally revitalising our business. I go to bed every night and say thank you for Shellac.

And it has put more money in our pockets.

Happy birthday Shellac! :hug:
It's been a brilliant, profitable addition to my service menu. Thank you to CND for the impressive technology and the mighty marketing machine, and thanks to S2 and Ellisons for bringing it to us.

The only downside is that just prior to its launch I bought salon sized bottles of all the Spa mani and pedi products and nobody wants full on mani/pedis anymore, they just want shellac! And I have a box of about 60 CND enamels gathering dust!
It has changed my nail life too, I also have my own nails for the first time ever... except for thumbs and occasionally index fingers, they take a bit of a bashing as I have mine fairly long...

It has changed my business hugely, my clients LOVE it! so thank you to
CND and S2!! It has allowed me to offer natural nail care which frankly was pretty few and far between! and brought new clients through the door:D
I do quite a bit of L&P/Gels and have weaned at least half of them onto Shellac....

One down side.... I too have a lot of OPI polish that sits on the shelf these days, the up side.... I decided to offer little girls parties! I have a polish collection they find amazing:D

Soooo yes THANKYOU! I love it, my clients love it, looking forward to the next colour collection would love some nice creme pastels please:?:
Wow Happy Birthday Shellac I heart you very much! I can't imagine what life was like before we met, you are truly wonderful and i thank you for making me and my clients happy Shellac junkies.. My poor old Orly polishes sit on the shelf in awe of you, getting more and more gloopy and sad.. Shellac, you rock! :D

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