Hard skin removal


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Hi guys, looking for recommendations for hard skin removal. Not creams or anything, just physical removers. Has to be hygienic. Thanks xx


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Is somethng like "Mr pumice" pumi bar suitable? I personally use this on all my pedi clients.
They can be cut to size and disposed of after every pedi if thats what you want to do.
Or they do a very small one that is disposable in a pack. These are from sally's salon services.


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Brill thanks, will look them up!


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Microplane rasps are sharp and remove hard skin very effectively


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Depending on my client’s needs, I use a guarded razor (I dispose of each blade in a sharps box), then Love pumice (which you can buy on Amazon it AliExpress) then a double sided pumice stone, then a foot file. I sterilise everything else in Milton/sterilisation solution. It keeps my overheads down, is hygienic and a very effective combo!

Best of luck


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I’ve tried different files and the microplane but my favourite is the Cuccio foot file. It’s a steel double sided file with sticky disposable course and fine files.

As one more option is e-file with appropriate bits.