Harry Potter nail and more!!!!


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Jan 12, 2003
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Cardiff, Wales
Check out some of my new halloween nail art!!! I have more, but I'll post that up another time!!! Enjoy this piccy for now though ;-)


fab as always babe :D :D :D
you should enter the nail art competitions at colchester creative......

I think you should go in for the ozzy osbourne comp...

Wicked nails

Cazza :D :D
Hi layla

They are excellent and your so talented. Harry Potter is a work of art how long did this take you?

Cristine :)

The Hary Potter nail took me about half an hour to do! Was worth it in the end though lol ;) ;) ;)

You are very talented my dear......and I am very jealous!!!!
Enter the comp.......Enter the comp.....
Yeah Layla, enter the comp. I'm sure the rest of us geeks won't mind giving you the money to do it just so you get in there girl!!!! I'm sure you'll get top place (she will won't she Mr & Mrs Geek!!!) Hint hint!!!
God the pressure is on!!

Well...I was looking @ the invitation thingy for the colchester show...and...it says : "To register for Fantasy Competitions, ring for a registration form then send in your display and photo. Designs should be received no later than 26th october"....which is sunday LOL! I dont know if that means the competition I wanna do or JUST the 'harley davidson' comp they are doing....cos I wana do the nail art one!!!!!!

Im seeing Tracey Leja 2moro anyway so will be firing questions at her bout it lol!!

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Great nails, i love the Harry Potter! I have seen loads of nail art but i have to say your is one of the best! Im a real fan of handpainting as its shows you have talent! Keep it up! From Rachel xx :D
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