Has anybody done the VTCT L3 NVQ Diploma in Nail Sevices?


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Loosing my motivation!!!! Can anyone help? I did this course a few years back at the Carlton Institute in Brentwood. It was a week long course then they sent us home with a portfolio pack and left us to get on with it. Basically they wanted us to do 12 case studies for each service ie: manicure, pedicure, acrylic, gel and fibreglass which I've done but Im not sure how to cross reference it with the VTCT books. And what do I do with these huge portfolio folders which I have built up? They would cost a bomb to post to Devon. Also I dont know what happens after they have marked it. Do I need to go back to the College and do assessments? I have tried calling their helpline but they arent much help over the phone to be honest. I just feel really fed up, There has been no support offered or any phone calls made to ask how Im getting on at all. I just need to know what I am doing and if anyone else has done and completed this course before? Thanks Gem xx


Hi I'm doing VTCT level 3 with the nail academy and we have to send our portfolios (lever arch file) to the head office for marking when complete and then once this has been marked if I have passed they will then book me on to the assessments which for me are manchester or Birmingham, so I think yours will probably be the same. If you send your work I would also send it recorded delivery as you don't want to loose your portfolio that you built up. I can't believe they have not given you any support :( we have regular contact with tutors through email and telephone to make sure we are getting on ok and we have to fill out a feedback form with the tutor after every course to see what I need help with and what I need work on. Good luck I hope you get it sorted x


Sorry meant 'beauty academy' not nail academy.


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I'm doing my lvl 3 now too, we have to do as said all our modules, which we send for marking when each is finished and also a portfolio of work aswell as well as doing classes in each section, then once everything is completed we send in our portfolio of work (clients we've done everything on) then we book our exams, 4 days which 3 are practical and 1 is written which are nvq lvl exams so have to do everything in the times stated, 1 min over and it's a fail and you have to redo at another date.

Hope that helps,this isn't with the Carlton hasten to add so tho should be the same I would opine and check and get answers.