has anyone had training by mercia or salon systems?


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Aug 14, 2007
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south west
I want to train in nail extensions but need advice please!

my local sallys holds training by mercia or salon systems just wondering if anyone is training/trained by them and are they any good?
ive looked at others but they are quite far away and alot more expensive!

also (sorry if been asked loads of times before - im new!) what is the difference between gel/acrylic/fibreglass , is one more popular/better etc


I have just qualified at college and we used these products with them but to be honest i think they are nothing to write home about tbh.I used it because it was in my college kit but i use my own at home.But everyone is different im sure other geeks on here will have some info for you sorry not much help.xx

When i wanted to learn nails, i wanted to learn with Creative but could not afford it at the time, so instead i went with the cheaper option and it was only 15 mins down the road from where i live and learnt salon sytems down at my local sallys (this was in 2003) i never felt good enough to do anybodys nails, so last year i retrained with Creative and i am glad i did.

I am also glad that in between passing salon systems and learning with creative i did not do any nails on the general public (only me and my mum and sis) as i really did not know what i was doing and the standard of nails that they allowed me to pass with were just a mess really.

So the lesson i learnt was to save for that little bit longer and travel a bit further (i now travel about an hour), and get trained with a company with a better reputation & better training.

Hi, also trained with Salon systems... while training was good i have changed products after gettin sample kits from other companies and realising the difference in quality....you get what you pay for!
Did a conversion with creative l&p and NSi gel, both great HTH :)

Im in the same position as you i looked at doing that course as well but it seams like it would be a quick fix. im still deciding on wether to do my training with creative or go to college on the evenings and do their bio sculpture course. the college course works out to be about £350 (if i remember correctly) inc kit. Im in Oxford so let me know what your thinking of doing?

Laura xxxxxxx
I understand your prediciment, i had booked my course with Sallys as it was local, i didnt want to go to collage as i work full time so i took a weeks holiday to do the course. Had i had the same info i have now i dont know that i would have done that, the reson being untill i found this site i was unaware of the scope and choise available. However, i have enjoyed learning something which i have wanted to do for many years, but have been unable to persue due to bringing up a family and having to work full time. I enjoy pracitising and trying to echieve a better nail each time, i love doing manicures and cleints being pleased with the results. Though i do now realise that Salon and Mercia are lower end priced products i find i am improving, and am looking at trying other products.I can always take further training now that i have a basic knowledge, and i feel that that is the key, i have recieved basic training and can develop more as i go along. You need to weigh all your options, not easy i know. But good look i love it and hope you do too

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