Has anyone trained with the Carlton institute?


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Dec 6, 2011
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Hey geeks I'm desperate to do a beauty course (at the mo in a full time hairdresser) I love learning and am really interested in doing a makeup course. As I'm full time it's difficult fitting training in but the Carlton institute do a 1 day course and the venue isn't too far for me to travel...are they any good? Xx
Hi Suzyc

Next week I'm starting the NVQ 2 beauty therapist's course at Malvern Spa, so i'll let you know how I get on.

I do L&P nails at the moment and have been wanting to do the NVQ for ages and finally the time is right, wanted to be more versitile offering more to bring in more clients.

So watch this space and i'll let you know

Thank you for getting back to me :) if I do it I will be goin to Malvern spa so I'd love to kno how you get on :) it's so exciting lol xxx
I've done a course with them and it is VERY basic. One day courses to start a career in something new are just no good.

I felt like I wasted my time. When I left I obviously kept studying and learning but the scary thing was that they give away insurable certificates right, left centre. And not everyone will be studying on their own after they leave the course but assume they're already fully qualified in manicures, massage or whatever.

So I don't recommend them :(
hiya i trained with them to do lash and brow tinting, i was really happy with them! it was quite basic but i guess its what you make of it, if you want to know more just ask and im sure they willgive you more info. i think they are good courses and at a reasonable price. i guess they arent for everyone but worked for me!! hope that helps!
Hi Suzyc

Just finished the 4 days NVQ 2 course at Malvern and it was fantastic loved every minute of it definately got the bug now so intend to do some other courses.

The instructor is called Keran and she is lovely very down to earth.

It was nice as for the majority of the time theres was only 2 of us and the other lady was about the same age as myself so we related to each other quite well.

Day 1 is Manicure and Pedicure then late afternoon evening you do lash and brow this was a very long day as didn't finish until 8.45. Was alittle disappointed as expected it to include lash extensions.

Day 2 Facials great day loved it alot to take in.

Day 3 Make up we had another lady join us whom had no expereince. I think this hampered her a little in the beginning as we has covered make removal and the cleansing ritual before application the day before on facials.

Day 4 Waxing I was feeling less confident about the waxing than any of the other treatments but Keran was really supportive and encouraging.
We even had some models come in and we practiced on them as well as our selves.
Although it's intense your there because you really want learn. Just need to practice and practice some more.

You do alot on safety and hygiene and contra-indications, You do a test at the end and get a diploma.
Oh Yes the kit you get if you are doing the nvq is fab everything you need to get started,
I'm waiting now for my info on completeing the assigments etc for the NVQ.
Got to go back for Spa manicure and Pedicure on the 22nd May.

Good luck in your ventures and let me know how things are going.

I did a one day course in advanced waxing with them and it covered everything i needed to know but i still went into salon and did additional training with one off the more experienced therapists which helped alot. I think they are good if you are already qualified and want to learn extras x basic though
i also did the advanced waxing with them...it was okay to learn the basics but afterwards i did A LOT of practice to get up to scratch :) xxx

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