Have I forgotten anything? Nervous!


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Dec 28, 2015
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hi everyone!

so I have been asked to go into my local care home tomorrow and do a day of nails as the ladies there have been asking for somebody, it's a very good oppurtunity for me and I'm hoping I please everyone and asked to come back more often to provide more of my treatments. I already have 4 ladies booked in for manicures, 2 soak offs and gel reapplications, 1 gel new set and 1 file and polish. I THINK I have everything ready to go but can you shout some things at me so I can tick things off? Thanks in advance!
Make sure you have enough client cards, & as they are elderly I would take a few pillows for under their bum/back.
Don't forget a bunch of business cards to hand out to family/friends when they visit & compliment their nails, or even ask to leave some at their front desk. An extra box of tissues, (I did an aged care once and they all had the sniffles)
Good luck! You will do just fine xxx
Sounds great! I'm trying to look at ways to get mobile clients and have thought about approaching care homes! Did you approach them, or them you? Xx
Obv all your kit, that goes without saying. Business cards? Towels? Your polishes?

I approached care homes a few years ago but they wanted it virtually for nothing... Good luck, it sounds good
Extension lead!
Thanks for your help guys! It's taken off really well so far... Currently going in every Monday and seeing the ladies, mainly for manicures and pedicures. Today is my 3rd week but already have atleast 4 ladies each time. They approached me :)

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