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Jun 2, 2015
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Hi guys so I've finally found my salon [emoji38] over the moon is an understatement.

But.... Due to the fact it's now October already would I be cutting it fine opening for xmas?
The salon needs some work too but I'm not sure how much until I get a builder in there.
My estimation is 3-4 weeks.

So I might open in January new year new start and all that. But I'm worried..... I haven't signed anything yet as I'm waiting for the terms to come through, it's just a gentlemans agreement at the moment. I'm worried they will give it to someone else, can they do this?

Any advise would be welcome though timescales contract advice.... Anything [emoji8]
I looked at my premises in November and wanted to be in for January and they all laughed at me. We moved in at the beginning of march.

A gentlemens agreement depends on the gentleman concerned. My landlord and I shake on it. It works for us but he really is a man of his word. This may come back to haunt me lol

Anything can happen until you're in so best of luck.

Vic x
Cheers vic, muchus appreciated.

Yep I think if I get the keys xmas I'm looking at work commencing and a Feb/ March start!
I can feel your excitement! A salon near me opened although there were already 6 beauty salons within a small distance of each other. They opened a facebook page a month before the salon opened and posted very regularly with news photos of the refurb. Plus, they had a board outside advertising themselves and eventually their opening date.

Sorry I've gone off the subject! Having a later date to open gives you more time to plan. Besides, some clients are already booking now for Christmas. I believe these holdups and time obstacles happen for a reason.
Yep totally agree! And you know I love that idea I've been toying with it! Keeps it exciting! X

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