Health implications re product remover?


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Oct 19, 2003
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I got back from my Brisa training yesterday, and of course put on the tutoring video to watch again with a cuppa tea (like you do!) lol.

With Nails being the mood (it even took priority over Coronation street! :eek: now that must be good! lol)

My fella asked a question last night re product remover, so thought I'd ask you guys, as I always get great replies:


We had a disscussion about it, with his point of view being "Surely it can't do you any good sat with your fingers in product remover for 15-20 mins".

I have to say, I wasn't 100% sure I could fight a fair point to say that it would do no harm at all.

This topic was sparked off when we'd watched '10 yrs younger' and the lady on there had an acid face peel and they used acetone on her face! Ouch! I had said "I'm sure it can't do you any good having acetone and then an acid painted onto your face, surely you'd absorb some toxins that your liver/kidneys would have to filter out for you".

Can anyone help :eek: It's got me wondering!!

Thanks in advance guys

Jenny - Nails
CND Master Tech x x x
According to Doug Schoon, Nail Structure and Product Chemistry, " is almost impossible for dangerous amounts to penetrate the skin. Unless you soak daily in acetone for long periods there is little to fear."
Nail Structure and Product Chemistry
This book is great, a great source of information, highly recommended.

Hope this helps.
I also have to comment here that if your hub had been correct - I would imagine there would have been major law suits over the years - especially in the US of A!! I can't speak for all product removers but 20-30 minutes is recommended with CND product remover - depending on what you as the tek have done before hand this can be shorter or longer!! I can only speak for myself and I will admit to many times having bitten and picked (yes I know - all things we should NEVER do) product off my nails - I think that is far more damaging and harmful than a professional soak off!! I must say that I have been very good recently at soaking off as opposed to picking!! I sometimes think it is odours that make us assume that products may be more harmful then they actually are!! We take enamel off natural nails far more than we soak off product and noone has come to any harm from that either!! Jane is correct and I don't think we could get more valuable info than from people like Doug who really know and understand the true chemistry behind the nail plate / nail bed itself!!
After all that - chill out and tell the Mr not to worry either! :D
Thanks for answering that for me. I was of similar opinion, but it's good to have it clarified.

Thanks again

Jenny x
Thats answered a few questions i had as well. I've always been worried at the length of time you sometimes need to saok off acylic L&P. I know it can be very drying to your natural nails and cuticles, but as we are taught if you apply cuticle oul before hand it helps to protect your cuticles. Then when you've applied the enhancements you use cuticle oil again.

I did wonder if you use it alot if any long term damage could be caused, hadn't looked at the fact that we use it all the time to remove polish..........forgot about that.:o
On this topic, another good tip is to coat the nails of one hand in Solar Oil
after you have removed the product while you attend to the other hand. During this time you will notice the natural nail colour come back to life(so to speak) and a smile return on your clients face too!! Then do the same to the other hand when product removed. Then I follow normal prep. A great tip I was given by Tracey Leja in Creative training. x
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