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Aug 3, 2003
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I have decided that mobile is not for me. I have been given the opportunity to rent a room at a local gym :D . The room is very small with no window. Is there any health & safety rules regarding the size of the room when performing nail services :?: . At the moment I am using Clarite (ouderless) but will be changing from this ASAP.

Jackie X
...if you don't have a window, you must get some form of ventillation and extraction with your desk. Make sure you have a METAL bin as this cuts any odour in the salon by 70%!!! Use the SEARCH button to see previous posts on ventillation!! Hope this helps a little! can't write much as I am packing for the show :rolleyes: Will check you next week!! :D
Talking of metal bins, does anyone know where to buy the small variety (not the large ones for kitchens).
IKEA or ARGOS or your local supermarket - well ours up north do anyway!! :oops: :rolleyes:
No IKEA for miles down here in the Boonies, but thanks will have a look in the Argos catalogue - hope they're reasonable - I need 4! ;)
I got mine in my local Focus - it is a small round pedal bin. Just the right size for using Tesco carrier bags as bin liners LOL.

Thanks for the reply, the search button was great, although the advise was basically what you said a metal bin and a table with ventilation. I don't know what the delivery date for one of these tables are but I'll nip done to Sallys/Salon services and order one today. Thank goodness for my redunduncy money LOL. (been dying to write LOL)LOL.

Jackie X
Sawadee ka

I think have in your country shop National them have many extracter fan for shop .

Kop khun ka mui
You may have Morrisons supermarket near you, £3.99 for small metal bin.
I bought my small metal bin (with plastic liner) from B&Q.

hi ya take a look in wilkinsons they seem to be realy good for bins and towels ect i bought some lovely white hand towels in there and they wash up lovely they are kind of towel/chequed with velvety white if you know what i mean! nickki jonesx :D
Well we got our bins from Robert Dyas........Brabantia small metal bin with pedal lid..........3ltr it's fab for nail stations.............

just a thought
Love Ruth xxxxxxx
Hi, just my two pence worth

Bought my metal bin from Woolies - was on offer recently. I have just opened using a smallish room and put in an extractor fan (into window) this seems to be pretty good at keepin smells down.

If you want MSDS which you need for all the products for Health and Safety, all the manufacturers have been very helpful. Creative on their ( :?: :?: ) website - you have to put in your details and disregard the state, then you can download them all.

Good luck.
Lesleyx :D
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