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Feb 15, 2004
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Herne Bay, Kent
I know I've seen something similar about this on here somewhere but can't find it anywhere...need some help from you Fabric# experts...

Picked up my kit at Olympia after a fab demo from Tracey Leja and after a couple of dabbles at it on the odd finger (have been ill so not felt up to doing it full scale!) thought I'd died and gone to heaven with this wonder system.

Anyway last night got all excited and thought I'd have a crack at doing full set (my own)...well...the Boost just took yonks and yonks to dry and I found it kept running all over the place. Because of this I found it really difficult to 'build' a good shape (have come out a bit flat) and the whole experience just took hours waiting for the stuff to dry.

Did I put too much on?

I don't expect to be an expert overnight and I know I'm going to love it once I've cracked this problem because everything else was just dandy.

...oh.... and forgot the worst bit...knocked a bottle of Bond all over the dining table (crap - not a good look!!!) loads of grovelling to 'himself'....!!!!!
The problem is definitely using too much BOOST at one time ... so you figured it out yourself!!

It does not take much to build shape with Boost and STILL not use too much. You have to learn the technique of application which is.

Apply a small bead of Boost to zone 2 of the nail. Take the brush from the activator and drain slightly. Press into the bead and spread over zone 2 and 1 first then brush over zones 3,2 and 1 in the following way: Start on the left hand side of the nails and brush down thru all 3 zones then brush again just to the right of that stroke and stop. Then brush down the right hand side of the nail thru all 3 zones then brush again just to the left of that stroke and stop. Clean your brush immediately (3 circles to the right and 3 circles to the left.)

The technique described will push the Boost to the centre of the nail and build your shape. You may need to do this more than once depending on how flat the natural nail is to begin with. If your own nails are not flat, then just let the enhancement take the shape of your own nail ... you do not have to build.

Working in layers that are thin, adds flexibility to the enhancement. If you work too thick, you will see little cracks because the product is not flexible.
Thanks Geeg - feel better already - just need to reign in that squeezy finger!!

... oh yeah... any tips for the dining table...?

Same thing happened to me with bond all over the table lol

Good bit of advice I got for the bond bottle from the one and only Geeg was to place a small bit of blue tack on the bottom of the bottle.

Hope this helps

Take care
Dawnie xx
Hi, fabaroony i know know why my mother-in-laws nails cracked last time, yes the saga continues with the women :| I put a good full on thick load last time in hope that she would not be able to budge the things off, but alas bad move because they cracked and lifted, so now I know why.

So your difficulties have helped me wonders thanks, I shall now build in thinner layers and a few of them, and remember how you use the boost, I am so pleased with this post it has helped me loads, fab fab fab fabaroony thanks once again.

Grace x
You`re lucky to just get away with the bond ruining your table, lol
I now can`t use Fabric# at all after ruining my carpet with it and over-exposing myself.
You will get used to it and its a great system to use.
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