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Nov 3, 2010
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Hi there girls n guys, it's my 1st post so please excuse me. I have been looking at buying or financing the caci ultimate and I was wondering what your thoughts were on this machine??? Has anyone on here got one and does she pay her way?
ATM I'm mobile but will hopefully be getting a beauty room in the new year. Am I delving into things a bit quick and should wait to see what happens with the room 1st? Or is the machine your bread and butter??
Any thoughts or ideas welcome.

Thanks in advance. Xx

I am also looking at this machine and hoping people can give lots of good advice! welcome to salongeek x
I have the CACI Ultra and I myself currently do about 20 a month, which more than pays for the machine on finance. I can't fit anymore people in at the moment and find myself turning away new CACI clients because I haven't the space to fit in any more courses with my other work - there are a lot of people who search high and low for CACI salons!!
I have an ultimate and would totally recommend. I got the money back for it on our launch night through selling courses. Great machine and a good company to deal with.
really thats a fab thing that you did dawn, maybe i should do a launch night and invite everyone in the area and just go for it, i havent done a launch yet as there is so much going on. thanks for feedback x
Hi I'm new, :)
I need advice please, I'm a hair stylist and just joined, I'm having caci ultimate treatments and would like to know do they teach you different techniques? Just I have had about 9 and 8 out of the 9 were all the same then my last one was totally different, I don't get the same person every time, just wondered is this normal?
Tonka :D
With the CACI non-surgical face lift treatment facial 1-3 are at 1 level of microcurrent, facials 4-7 the current is increased and from your 8+ and maintenance the current is increased again and neck movements are included.
There are many different facials that the machines can do and maybe the therapist didn't read what course you were on and just did the facial she thought you should have.
I have the CACI Ultimate and think it's great, I'm not as busy as Martin yet but hope to be soon.
I was disappointed as she didn't do everything and missed bits out, the gal.... (What's that technique called) Thingy bit wasn't as long too, I couldn't feel it and told her this and she adjusted it, which was better, but wasn't as good, as a paying client, overall I really like the results so far and I would defiantly keep this up but with the right beauty therapist.
As Vanessa said the micro-current and neck movements are the only things that change in the micro-lifting phase, unless you're talking about the microdermabrasion phase or wrinkle comb phase? Glad you're enjoying the results, and hopefully next time you'll get a better therapist in future!

Vanessa - although I'm really busy with it I have been doing caci for 7 years or so! I'm sure you'll get there soon enough!

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