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Feb 3, 2012
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Ok guys , this is more of a confirmation of my opinion or other opinion kind of post !! Soooo.... I have a client who is a model , she first came to me with very damaged hair that had been treated harshly and had recently had a colour that was very warm and uneven ( 8 ish base with dodgy highlights) I recommended treatments , regular cuts to improve the condition, evened up the colour , all good , anyway ,she decided to take a break from modelling and wanted a vibrant red , which I agreed would be good as it would be a glossing and avoiding highlights , therefore aiding the improvement of condition. Recently she decided to have some random apply extensions ( against my advice as hair is weak) and Friday she came to see me to inform me she is modelling again and the agency don't like the red . Arghhh!! I explained it would be kinder to allow the colour to fade naturally ( it does so fairly quickly as it's porous) then apply a glossing , thinking along depth of a 7 , condition pending add highlights gradually . Apparently this is not enough and now she had contacted saying she has looked at " Color before" blah blah blah , I've expressed my negativity towards this. what else can I offer her ? We don't have blondie Rae , my manager is on maternity leave so doubt we will look into it without her researching, just wondering if you guys agree or have any other advice ?!! Ps we are a wella salon! Thanks!!

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