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Feb 15, 2004
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Herne Bay, Kent
I'm still quite new to this game and slowly starting to build up a part-time mobile business but I've got a client who's cuticles are just out of control! I've done a couple of full sets of acrylic tip and overlays which she's been really happy with but her cuticles are so thick and hard and they seem to grow at a much faster rate than her nails that they almost seem to push the acrylic off!!! She has confessed to having 'cut them off' with cuticle nippers in the past so I have encouraged her to lock them away out of sight and religiously apply solar oil and gently push them back with a hoof stick but all the attention just seems to make them come back with avengance!! Would be V grateful for any advice?
Suggest she buy from you some cuticle eraser and apply each night, that shrinks back the cuticle, wash it off in the morning and apply solar oil. With a bit of tender loving care those cuticles will be trained in no time.
thanks - will advise her to give it a whirl!
Soz said:
thanks - will advise her to give it a whirl!
Should I advise her to go without acrylics while we're getting them into shape?
No, even the act of buffing helpd to physically exfoliate the build up of non living tissue.
Within a few days, AHA Cuticle Eraser will sort that straight out.

Good luck ;)
In the meantime when you do a rebalance use some Cuticle Remover, gently push the cuticle back and remove excess with your pusher or curette. Remember to rinse off.

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