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Oct 2, 2005
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south yorkshire
where did u get your stuff designed and printed not too keen on vistaprint any help please x
not sure if your thread is in the right place hun?

but i've found it so i will reply:lol:

i do my designs on label maker pro then save work and upload it on to vista print.

my very own designed business cards with there fantastic prices !

i think this is the best thing to do IMO:)
moved to Biz Geek :wink2:

I use Vista Print for both mine and my hubby's businesses and find them extremely good, if you wait a while after your first order they send you loads of offers...
My advice would be to order the free cards initially and then take advantage of the freebies :D
I designed all mine (with help ..lots of help from several very patient geeks :) )
I did them with a programme called serif photo plus ,
very easy to use once you get the hang of it,

I would show you mine, but I'm still awaiting permission to use the CND images :cry:
I will be using vista print to print them, my business advisor got me some done on there and they are good xxx
We used

For stationary, they have some great offers on throughout September.

hth :)
i also use Vista and think there well worth the money.

Danielle x
I've used Vistaprint before and have no complaints to make.
i used creative clown fish

Bargain and the cards are lovely. I found them on Ebay and they are very patient when i kept asking for little changes with the proofs!


abprintsolutions are able to either design and print business cards for you or just do the print for you. The prices are affordable and a reliable company willing to listen to your needs.

An example of costs are: 250 for £25, 500 for £35 and 1000 for £55 all for design and print on a very good quality 350gram card.

If you are interested please email [email protected] please note they also offer pricelists, flyers, appointments cards etc
I design all my own stuff as i also have a design business and get most printed at who are very reasonable priced, very good quality and quick to deliver them!

Let me know if i can help

manda xx

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