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emma m

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Aug 10, 2004
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pontefract west yorkshire
I was wondering if anyone could help me please, I am at the moment trying to put together new work sheets for my new classes in sept but I would like some pictures showing different nail tips that can be used ie full well, half well, no well, ect.
I can find pictures in loads of books but not on the internet and I dont want to have to draw them as my drawing if not up to much.

I hope that one of you lovely geeks can help.
Thanks in advance.:hug:
can you not scan them or photocopy them hun??
Thanks for your reply :hug:, but I would have liked bigger ones than these as they are only small ones!
Find someone who can draw what you want, that's what i would do.

I tried looking for diagrams like that and failed. Maybe trace some out of the book and enlarge them using a photo copier?
Thanks for your advice, I think I am going to have to find someone to draw them for me. :hug:
i just tried looking on cnd's website it just shows the box cover not what the tip looks like. i think either scan or draw
Thank you for all your replies.

A big thanks to Judy this is just what I am looking for. ( you have saved my students from having to look at my awful drawings which have never looked like tips):lol:

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