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Oct 1, 2007
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Hi girls just after a bit of advice i recentlty passed a nail course at college in june nvq 2 and 3 i am having no luck at all finding a job so i have been thinking about going mobile im a bit nervous about doing this as`i feel i need salon experiance also not sure wether i need`a nail drill as i have been taught manually?

Thanks for reading this im not to good with computers but trying haha!:green:
Unless you are going to take a course to learn how to use the E-File stick to doing it manually,
not all techs use them it is down to personal preference.
Only you know if you are ready to throw yourself in at the deep end, sorry i cant offer any advise to going mobile as i am salon based, but there is plenty of peeps on here that are mobile :hug:
Hello and welcome to the site :hug: Maybe you could take a mo to fill in your profile a little more ?

In regards to an efile or drill,you should not "need" one if you are competant with your file :D and shouldn't use one without proper training.

Being freelance is great,but nothing beats salon experience,how about a junior nail stylist position or even volunteering at a local salon for a Short while ?

Anyway,best of luck x
ok thanks for the advice just curious how long it takes you to do a set of nails manually in your salon? When i do a set of nails, it takes me nearly 2 hours! which is 1 reason i was thinking about investing in a nail drill
I wouldn't worry too much about your speed, the length of time it takes to do a full set will reduce with plenty of practice. Electric files can be quite dangerous without the appropriate training, I would advise you to stick to doing it manually and you will be surprised at how you will get a lot quicker in time:).
hi becki thanx for your reply will sort profile soon as i can i only just registered sorry:lol:

I would love a job in a salon, i have rang all the salons in my local area and further a field. Up to now i have had no joy with any of them, feeling a bit down as i thought it would be easier than this especially with having these qualifications. so the only other option for me is to go mobile, not sure what to do i dont know wether im confident to go mobile as i feel i need salon experience:irked:
I'm mobile and have no need of an e-file. I always book 2 hours per appt because that gives me travelling time between clients as well as adequate time for each service. I aim for 1½ hours for a full set or a rebalance but it often doesn't work out that way!! I still take 2 hours sometimes and I've been doing this 3 years now......

I threw myself into mobile without salon experience and it can be really hard. I learnt the hard way in the early days when my work wasn't as good as it is now, and it takes time and money to build a good client base. Saying all that, I now have a solid base of regular clients 90% of which book their next appt before I leave each time......

If you feel in need of a bit of mentoring you may be better trying to get a salon job, or even renting space where there is already a tech and see of they will offer you some guidance. I love being mobile but it's not for everyone!

Hi Sammie
thanks for your advice. I think i will stick to doing it manually everyone has said the same as you, i just thought it would be better and save a bit of time. First i have to find a job which is proving to be rather difficult.
:lol: hun.

Of course salon experince is ideal but in the meantime you couold do freelance work,if your timimg and lack of experience concern you,offer reduced rates for a limited time only :D

Don't feel down,these things are sent to try us :lol:

Advertise your services in geekbay and the recruitment section of the forum.

Pester those salons,xmas is only 12 weeks away after all,and i'm sure they will need an extra pair of hands :D

Also look into product training,some offer free conversion,and it's another string to your bow hth's x
Why don't you give mobile a go until you build your confidence up? I am a mobile tech but I have also done salon work and believe me you can feel under a lot of pressure in a salon if you haven't got the confidence. Explain to people you have just started out and maybe even do nails at a reduced price until you get up to standard and above all try not to put yourself down too much, you think you've not got the confidence but you have once you get going...we've all been there, we've all had to start at the beginning:lol:.

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