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Aug 10, 2007
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kent, uk
hi all,
I am starting a new job on friday as a trainee nail tech in a salon on friday (just one day a week so i can get some practise really).
I am soooo nervous!!
My new boss has told me i have 'in fills' booked in.
Bit confused!!! when i did my creative training i was told that these were not done any more and had to re balance every time, but boss lady told me that i just had to do zone 3 and that was that normal then??? and do i just remove the shine, scrubfresh and apply product then buff up.... ????

Bit scared as my model in my training had no nails left on for me to do re balancing on so didn't really do the good old nail trainer though, but still not sure how to use them tips...

Also, if i am doing infills over someone elses set and they used Moxie, can i still use retention+ for my bit....never thought to ask this in training as thought i would only ever be doing nails that i did myself.

sorry if i have baffled on... just blame it on the nerves!!!

sian. x

creative L&P
Doing a Rebalance can be for just zone 3 you might want to make sure the apex is at the stress area and depending on the growth might have to apply product to zone 2 but it all depends on the person..
As far as I know a rebalance can be for the pink and whites "forever french" as some people say. Or for the pinks only.. So as I know it, there is a Rebalance and a pink and white rebalance.. I'm sure you have nothing to worry about..
Just go in a little earlier than you are expected and explain your worry`s to the boss they will understand and if they are a nail tech will explain and help you, if the boss isn't a tech is there another tech that works there that you can ask for some reassurance from,
they know you are new and newly qualified so they will make allowances for you if they are decent people,
don't worry hun you will be fine, let us all know how you get on and have a :hug:
and do i just remove the shine, scrubfresh and apply product then buff up.... ????

Full prep is always needed no matter where you apply new product.. that includes cuticle remover.. if you just remove the shine, s/f and apply you haven't removed any non-living tissue (cuticle) that has grown down with the new nail growth, if you don't remove the cuticle off the back of the plate your client will end up with lifting within hours...

As long as the apex hasn't moved forward and unbalanced the nail, and the tip isn't showing a lot of growth... then a normal back fill is all that is needed

Reshape zone 3 remove any lifting etc
apply cuticle remover and remove dead tissue with cuti knife or preferred tool
wash hands with warm water to remove cuti remover
dry hands
Scrub fresh all 10 (I like to double s/f but u don't have to s/f here)
Remove shine
Scrub fresh again
re-apply zone 3
Shape (if needed)
and buff
thank you for your help, my mind goes blank when faced with actually doing something, feel much better about doing it now.
can any of you advise about the different monomer types?

yes you can use retention if the original set was moxie,
as the product has already cured
yes you can use retention if the original set was moxie,
as the product has already cured

thank you, i did think that but just wanted to make sure!!!

thanks again :hug:

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