Help,ive passed facial course,so how do i word it?


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Jun 15, 2007
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Hello all.I have just passed my facial course,and its was painfully hard going.So now how do i promote it,i need so help in the wording on my price sheet.Any ideas its now time for all my hard work to start paying for its self.?

Congratulations on your achievement and welcome to this fascinating world!

I would say do the following:

1) Work out how much your products cost per facial
2) Work out how many facials you want or can offer
3) Find out local competition - look at how much they charge etc.
4) I would say have a look at other threads on this site. If you type in advertising in the search box (top right) there are some great ideas.


becki xxx
It might also be helpful if we know what skincare range/brand you are using. Do they supply any advertising materials or have a website for their products?
It was a bit of a mish mash of products.American body care,strictly proffecional.I use demologica for my make up cleanse & tone.But dont you have to their tranning?
It's best if you can find one skincare range that you like. There have been loads of threads from different geeks asking what to use, if you do a search you should find a wealth of information.
Most skincare companies do their own product training to show you how to get the best from their particular products. I know Dermalogica do this if you are a stockist but their startup costs are pretty high. Do a bit of research to find out what will suit you, your clients and your budget. Most companies will send you an information pack and samples to try.

Happy hunting!:green:
I think you probably need to decide which products you are going to be using first. Once you know your product range you then need to decide what treatments you will offer.

Again if you do a search on skin care you'll get lots of threads on this topic.

You should also take a look at some of our own websites (look under our signatures) for extra ideas.

as the other geeks say, use one brand per treatment.

get a few friends in and get there feedback on the different brands you currently have.

pure gave great advice - check out the geeks websites.

becki xxx

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