Help! Loose lashes, lash tiles & glue rings


New Member
Hi SG’s ..... I’m new to Salon Geeks and wondered if anyone can help me, I am currently trained as a Classic lash technician and using loose lashes but it’s slowing me down and I don’t want to buy lots of new lashes on a strip to stick on the back of my hand as I think this way of working will speed me up, so I’ve been looking at the LashArt lash pads or Tatti Lash tile to place on the back of my hand and try to lay the loose lashes out on there not sure if it will work though.... or does anyone have any tips on how they organize using loose lashes, I’ve ordered some glue rings too but how do I change my glue through a treatment with these, will I need to throw it away and use another and another etc as I’m currently changing glue every 30 mins so that will be 3 maybe 4 sometimes glue rings per client .... hope someone can help x