Help Me i am struggling with my business plan


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Jun 11, 2010
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I have been doing my business plan for 2weeks now, as i am only 20 i don't know anything about financial stuff or funding. Need someone who can help
Have you tried business link, I believe they are very good and should be able to help you. Have a look through the business threads on here too. Htp
Sounds like we're in the same position!
Have you tried the Princes Trust website for funding? There are also lots of links on there to other funding providers. Also Business Link can be helpful.

As for writing your plan, quite a few of the banks websites have advice and templates for business plans, I actually used a Microsoft Office template for mine. I'm taking it to the first bank on Thursday, hopefully it'll be ok!

Good luck!
Which part are you having trouble with? I may be able to help, I am 20 as well but if you want to be successful you can't play baby, no offence.
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pm me with what u are stuck on and i'll help u x
Also feel free to pm me and I can help x
Just having difficulty with some of the questions to fill out as i dont have the answers for them, need a bit of support on writing it out. Never done a plan before looks confusing.

I called princes trust to see if they do any classes on writing your business plan, receptionist wasnt very helpful tbh.

Not unless i try business gateway.

I am wanting to do my plan now so that i can make further plans to open salon/ funding enquiry, I start my level 2 tomorrow, just wanted to be a head of myself for when i complete my HND in few years.
I am a mature for my age and i know what i want to do, just not sure on how to do it, U.S based small biz counseling provides great articles and how-to's
Hi I've been working with PSYBT if you call the princes trust and explain you want to start a business and as for psybt number theylle help you. You can apply for a loan up to 5,000 or a grant for 1,000 xxx

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