Help me to find a colour class please?


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Sep 30, 2008
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Wichita Kansas !
I'm not sure quite what it's called that I am looking to learn I'm thinking it's called something like colour consultant ?

Basicly I really like the idea of knowing exactly what colors to recomend to a client, most of the time I can do this by eye but I'd love to gain a deeper knowledge of this :)

But I can't seem to find a class , I'm thinking most will be therey so online might be ok, I don't mind, or maybe just a realllly good book?

Has anyone done this or know of anything good? Checked guild website no luck, googled but all I could find seemed like scams lol
Do you mean something like this?

My friend got one of these consultants out for her mum's birthday. She was really good. She did a presentation and went through colour analysis with my friends mum.

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