HELP! Minimist just stopped working !


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Jul 31, 2005
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West Yorkshire
I had just finished a tan on a client, just about to turn the minimist off, when it just stopped dead in it's tracks itself. :confused::irked:

Tried it in plugs etc didn't work..

Had to come home to change the fuse on my way to the next clients

To no avail, still not working

Lady not happy as she is on holiday tomorrow

Now I have not only lost money but gained an upset client and lost use of my minimist which I love and was going to spray me tonight too:grr:

Not happy now :cry::cry::mad:

Does anyone know how long a minimist is supposed to last - does it just conk out after so long?

Had it 1.5 years done around 200 tans I suppose

THanks xx
Pm jen im sure she will be able to help.
Nail fx on here x
thanks will try doing that xx