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Jul 12, 2009
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Hi nail geeks
please can you give any advice, one of my clients is asking can her sister have anything done to her nails following Chemotherapy, she has lost most of her nails as a result & i'm told theres not much left.

I'm guessing the answer is no but any advice is appreciated so I can try and help.
has she had the all clear from her doc or is she still undergoing therapy?
do you know how long ago her chemo finished?

she completed chemo 2 months ago and had her op a week ago
Since she could have a compromised immune system I would have her check with her doc first about any type of enhancements. Even if you do get an okay from the doc, you'll probably still have problems with adhesion, so probably start with weekly appointments to see how it goes. Is she just aesthetically hoping to make them all match up length wise and look healthy?
I have a client that lost her nails and 2 big toe nails as a result of chemo.
Firstly, I totally agree that she needs the all clear from her doc first.

I also think weekly appointments are a good idea at first to see how she gets on. Can i ask do you use gel or l&p?

I am a gel tech and started off by sculpting (no forms) and no free edge at all! I found this worked well as if there is any free edge and it is caught the gel would just ping off as there was no natural nail underneath to hold the gel on. Ofcourse she would prob love to have long extensions but just to have a nail plate will make her happy, trust me!
Do make her aware that often the natural nail can grow back after chemo and then come off again!

My clients nails have now grown back totally and look fantastic but it was a long hard slog to get there.

Hope this helps, good luck x

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