Help needed: im renting a chair (nail bar)


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Sep 30, 2007
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Hey :green: im new to this forum so just thought i'd say hi & ask for some advice.
im renting a nail bar in a tanning salon in the next few weeks (i need to get all my products, make my pricelists, business cards etc) & im just wondering id anyone can give me some advice as i havent got a clue where to start :irked: my heads all dizzy from the excitement.
Any help or response would be very much appreciated thankyou :D

What exactly do you need advice on?

If you break it down then we can give specific advice.

Becki xxx
Sorry im in a bit of a dither.
Just general advice (probably commmon sense to most of you) because im just starting out. Where to get my products from, promotional posters & stuff, what services to offer & what to charge.
Like i said any advice would be useful no matter how small.
Thanks x
Vista Print is very popular for promotional stuff,

What products are you using? Whatever your trained in will have a distributer.

Are you a beauty therpist or a nail technician? Offer services you feel confident in, you can always add things as you gain and grow in confidence and size.

Think of some good offers, for example when I opened I offered a free manicure with a facial - clients LOVE getting something for free. It also puts them in a good routine, so when the offer stops they usually keep booking the same.

Get the tanning shop to put up some coming soon posters to generate interest and also to get a few people booked in.

Leaflet drops although not guarenteed to bring clients in are a good cheap advertising option.

Make sure you dont over stock on products, wait till you know what kind of things you are selling the most of till you make BIG orders.

Speak to your reps, ask if the companies you work with offer any help to get you going, they may have pre made promotional offers to help you out.

Get your friends and family talking to people they work with. My dad carries my pricelists in his pocket, and even if he's in town, if the coffee shop lady is chatty he'll just give her one - works an absolute charm, its got me some of my biggest spenders!!

Any thing else you want help with?! just fire away!!

Becki xxx
good luck with your new nail business! i started renting a room very recently, but i know how you feel, so much to do, buy and organise...but it was the best fun, knowing that everything you've done you did by yourself!! :D anything else you need help with just ask queeny! :D xx
:green: aww thanks guys! You're all so nice & very helpful. I love this site, only found it by accident but i'll be a regular user its addictive xx
hey beautyqueen,

it is dead exciting isn't it? Do you know what your area/room looks like?

Firstly, make a list (I love lists, I'm a cancer)
Put down everything that you will need to do the treatments that you can do.

Start off small, don't overload your treatment list, you can put a line underneath stating that this is by no means ALL that you can offer, keep checking for new treatments to appear on price list.

What are you going to put all your equipment on? I have lovely ethnic trays that I have stacked up with products needed for various treatments. Ie foot ritual, contains the ubtan, 3 essential oils used, salt for scrub, dosha oil, etc.

Paperwork: price list, appointment card, recommendation cards, gift voucher, diary/appointment book, business card, consultation card. PENS.

Sundries: sterilising fluid, tissues, wipes, files, etc. tools of your trade.

Promotional gear: posters, or laminated sheets in colour with logo or eye catching pics.

Can you source samples to give to clients? Clients love to take something home with them. Even if its a card with maintenance tips on. Make sure your contact number is on EVERYTHING.

GIMMICKS: what about giving a client a lollipop? Or offer to give a client a free nail treatment on one nail only. Or give them opportunity to upgrade for free. Eg book a manicure and have a warm wax treatment for free, this treatment must be used by Oct 20th 2007.

And what are you going to add to make this space your own? have you got a theme: all pink, leopard print, hippy??? Make the space you work in reflect your personality, otherwise it could be any old place. Make people remember the warm friendly space that you work in.

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