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Sep 14, 2006
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hi, i have been asked to go to a pamper evening at my daughters school next week to do manicures for parents! Im excited as its the first big thing ive had come up since i qualified BUT its only for 2 hours and as i usually take about an hour to do a full manicure (which includes full hand and arm massage) im only going to be able to do 2 manicures! Is there any tips anyone can give me on maybe doing it a bit quicker or can run through a mini manicure for me?
We were only ever taught the full works at college so have no idea what a mini manicure involves and how long it should take...
Could you not just offer a file and polish?
That way lots of people will get to sample your work, you could maybe add a short hand massage too?

I agree, I think doing just a file a polish would be great!
You will get to see more people that way!
when I do pamper parties for the school, I offer file, polish and a mini massage with a scensations lotion , whch takes about 10 minutes.
they can buy the little scensations and solar oils that I use too hth xx
A shape and polish will enable you to get lots of appointments in throughout the evening. If you have some leaflets or business cards, take them with you too.

You may wish to take some small items to retail with you such as files, polish remover, hand lotions etc.

Have fun and good luck.
Hi, many thanks for all your replies! A file, polish and massage sounds great! - Only thing i wanted to ask about that is will the polish look of without cuticle work? From what im aware, many of the people going have never had a manicure..

I havent got any business cards or anything done yet as i havent actually set up as mobile yet, the lady that has organised the day has insurance etc covered on my behalf (everyone will also sign a disclaimer) - never can be too carefull these days!! :eek:

I am going to the wholesalers on thursday though so I will pick up some cards there for now that I can pass my number on with..

Im going to a business awareness day next week to find out what I need to do to set up as mobile because i havent got a clue where to start! Obviously my first thing will be insurance which i am looking into at the mo, then theres registering for VAT etc.. although I did read that you dont always have to register if your earnings/ spendings are below a certain amount. Obviously im not going to be inundated with work to begin with but I just want to be able to go out and work when its there and to be completely legal at the same time! Once Ive done the nail extension course and nail art course then ill put all my time inot advertising etc to hopefully get things going!

I know im always asking questions on here (because you are all so fantastic!:green:).. but here's one more!!....
Prices ? prices? prices?!
Where I live is not a particularly well off area although the area around this estate is ok, bearing this in mind, what sort of prices should i charge?
I dont want to be too high so that people local to me cant afford to have any treatment, and i dont want to charge too low so i never make a profit!
I will be offering the standard manicure & pedicure, but also extras such as parrafin wax, hot oil, salt scrub, hand masques.. I have all the kit ready for it so starting off isnt a prob.. And do any of you include a full massage with a manicure or just a small hand massage? When Ive seen adverts for some salons, they charge more to have a full hand and arm massage as they class it as a luxury manicure...
Im not sure how much help I can be to you since I'm currently not practicing on the public, but I'll try and help (I have a degree & work in marketing)!

Full mani's around here usually don't include full massages, only hand massages, and range from $6-$10 - french is always extra.

I would definitely do mini manis for the event, as everyone already said. If I were you, I would advertise both full mani's AND luxury mani's, with a full arm massage. If you only do full luxury massages, it might scare off new customers. I'd say $13 for luxury manis, $8 for regular manis, and $5 for the minis for your event.

The few extra dollars will let them think "hey, i can spare this every one or two weeks" and they won't think twice about getting regular manis from you.

Definitely include SOME small massage - thats what everyone I know ALWAYS looked forward to most!

When you DO get a regular clientèle, people will be more likely to just hand you a $10 for a regular mani, or give you $15 for the luxury mani, tipping you $2 - especially if they've enjoyed their experience!
You need to find out how much of a access you have to water and how far it is away from where you will be stationed. Applying lotions and oils to the nails will possibley need to be washed off before applying polish.
You need to find out how much of a access you have to water and how far it is away from where you will be stationed. Applying lotions and oils to the nails will possibley need to be washed off before applying polish.

If you've got some Creative CitruSoak, you can put a bit of that in a spray bottle and top it up with water and just spray onto clients' hands and wipe off. It's handy cos you don't need to be too close to water for that, which can sometimes be a problem when you're mobile. :hug:

Also, regarding prices. I think the best way is to check out your competition! Are there any nail bars/mobile nail techs in your area? A good way to check is looking through your yellow pages or local advertising papers. Once you have a few names, you can then phone them up to find out prices for their different services and it gives you an idea of how much you should charge.

Hope that helps!
Keep it simple
get yourself a spray bottle with a sanitiser from your wholesalers and use kitchen towel/manicure mats/couch roll so they can be disposed of easily. A quick file and polish is your best bet no cuticles or massage. Make sure you get a quick dry spray so the client can move away allowing you to move on to the next person. Your daughter is gonna be your little apprentice sorting the q's out maybe even removing polish for you.
Have a flyer (you can make it yourself) with an introductory offer for a full manicure describing what it includes, and your details. This gives you time to make your treatment menu with the prices you are happy with and get all your printing done.


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