help- son wants to grow his hair

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hi guys

my 13 yr old has always had short (not shaven) hair, but obviously he's now reached that age where he wants longer hair, anyway i have no idea what to suggest, should he still get it cut , but tell them he's growing it (cos when im growing mine i have it trimmed every 6 weeks) or should he just leave it a few months?

also any suggestions for shampoo for him, baby shampoo dosent cut it anymore lol , he's tends to just use whats in bathroom lol, but it gets bit greasy now (hormones etc) so any suggestions as to whats good

thanks any hints or tips gratefully recieved


hi there, my opinion still get a trim about once to every other month to keep from split ends and let it grow until it gets to a length he likes and figures out a style he likes.

as far as the greasy hair dont have him shampoo his hair every day it is very stripping to the natural oils and can cause it to be even more oily to compensate. Try a shampoo for oily scalp or a clarifing shampoo once a week that will help with build up

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ahh right, maybe he's washing it too often then? will try that and buy an oily scalp shampoo, and i will take him to get it trimmed every now and then, thought thats what we should do, but nice to have a professional opinion xxxxx thanks hun xxx