Help-toning bleached roots?


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Dec 30, 2015
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Cape Cod, MA
So, I did a root touch up at home last night. My hair is bleached blonde. My roots had grown in about an inch. I used a 10 vol developer to avoid damage and a bleach powder. I let it sit for an hour and a half. After I rinsed, I realized I missed a few patches so I mixed in some 20 vol and left it in for another 30/40 minutes. By then I had achieved the lightness I wanted. Afterwards, I used Wella toner, maybe T14, it's the pale ash blonde I hear everyone raving about. With a 20 vol developer for 30 minutes, as stated on package.
The problem is the toner didn't really take. I even tried leaving it on a little longer. I eyed out the developer to toner ratio, so maybe it was off. Or maybe my hair wasn't towel dried well enough? It doesn't look awful but it's super brassy and needs to be fixed.

Immediately after I put a deep coconut oil conditioner in my hair and slept with it like that. Already rinsed with shampoo and it's still super coated with oil. Later, I think I'll use a clarifying shampoo and rinse very well with conditioner. Do you think I should try the same toner again? Or dye over with a cooler ash color? I don't want to fry my hair but don't know why the toner didn't take...should I have used 10 vol developer?

* NOTE... I am an ametuer but learning! Please forgive me! I don't want to offend anyone with a naive question lol :)
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Get one of your qualified colleagues to do it for you. Much safer!
I'd never use 20vol with a toner, ever.
You diddnt use anti oxy that's the problem, your insane bleaching your own hair like that I know someone who lost a chunk from doing this! Don't you realise how much damage you could do?
I have never ever used 20 Vol with toner always 10 unless using Demi's.
The product she is referring to actually calls for 20 vol. Believe itor not! It's also vile.
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Flat, dull, color.
The product she is referring to actually calls for 20 vol. Believe itor not! It's also vile.
It is an old fashioned toner but you can also use it with 10 vol. it just grabs quicker that way and is not that even. On a difficult canvas 20 vol has more equalization and gives one more time to apply. Remember that damage is not only caused by the developer but a lot via the product it is mixed with.