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Apr 6, 2010
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My natural hair colour is hard to describe,its not bright ginger its more of an auburn but not a dark auburn sorry hope this makes sense :rolleyes:
Ive been highlighting and bleaching my hair blonde for over 10 yrs now and really want a change.I love these really dark browns that the likes of Cheryl Cole have but i don't know if i would look stupid? Ive got quite pale skin and my eyebrows are very very fair,i have tinted them in the past,anyone have any advice please?

yes i would go for it, you will be surprised how much healthier you will look, i have just done this to a client of mine and it looked amazing, her hair looked in alot better condition and felt lovely too, she does darken her eyebrows so that might be something to think off, hope this helps! when asking for the cheryal colour make sure they pre pig first other wise it wont stay in very long! ( it basicly means an undercoat and all good hairdressers will do that first)
Thanks,i am just worried i will really not suit it or it doesnt turn out the color i want,i really want to go a dark chocolate brown but my hairdresser in the past said i should not go as dark as that? i should go more a fudge color
If I were you, i'd have some darker pieces put through if you were after a change, and not do the whole lot
I use to be dark brown for years (im a natural red head) and I use to have to do my regrowth every 4 weeks because it was really noticable, and then I went blonde and I have been for a few years now, I can get away with it upto 7/8 weeks!
But its up to you, a change is as good as a rest!
Dark shades ( 3 and 4 )of chocolate tones are absolutely stunning next to the natural color you are describing....but for the sake of mainenance, ask for peekaboo chunks that stay away from your natural roots:green:
it is not over powering as your base remains natural, but adds amazing contrast, shine and depth.
Go for it!!!!!

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